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Platform Features

100% Customizable

Tailored to your exact needs

100% Web Browser Based

No client end software is required

100% Responsive

Run it on any device (phone, tab, laptop, desktop, HDTV,etc.)

100% Open Source

Host it on any deployment configuration (on-premise, cloud, etc.)

Live Dashboard

Live Dashboard for real-time tracking and corrective action

Consumer Grade UX

Live Dashboard for real-time tracking and corrective action

Application Features

Live Dashboard

Live dashboard for tracking key parameters for effective status tracking and decision making. The dashboard can be customized to meet your exact needs as part of the implementation and configuration process.

Personal Information Management (PIM)

Personal information management pertaining to employee details e.g. First Name, Last Name, DOB, Nationality, Blood Type, Height, Social Link – facebook, etc.


Master Data management pertaining to employee education details. Granularity relating to education establishments, qualification categories, grades, etc.


Master Data management pertaining to employee experience details. Granularity relating to workplaces, positions held, and experience details, etc.


Granularity to record and scope employee competencies and their associated scores.


Employees Performance. Defined and management of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), fulfillment dates and their ratings.

Health and Wellness

Manage key Health and Wellness parameters by date and values. Including doctor and medical reports and its parameters.


Full management of attendance with integration to bio-metric devices for check-in and check-out time recordings.


Processing of payroll functions.


Customized reports to meet your specific needs. These reports can be viewed online and also exported to CSV format for effective analysis and query using Microsoft Excel, etc.

Data Extraction

Required data can be extracted to your specific needs and further use and analysis

3rd Party Application Integration

Cognizant technology architecture enables the integration with any 3rd party application.