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Cognizant is a ground-up engineered HCM platform to simply deliver on HCM functions. It is beyond the competition of traditional information repository-based HR/HRMS/HCM solutions.

Its UI/UX design delivers direct and functional access for an effortless and seamless application experience for effective productivity. It does not burden you on executing your HR functions and keep you informed of KPIs for effective decision-making. It provides a modular design for extensibility and integration with the rest of the IT landscape for eliminating duplication and optimizing productivity..

Cognizant is engineered by PragICTS as a fully customizable product to enable a perfect fit for its prospective client base.

Featured Highlights

100% Customizable

Tailored to your exact needs

100% Web Browser Based

No client end software is required

100% Responsive

Run it on any device (phone, tab, laptop, desktop, HDTV,etc.)

100% Open Source

Host it on any deployment configuration (on-premise, cloud, etc.)

Live Dashboard

Live Dashboard for real-time tracking and corrective action

Consumer Grade UX

Live Dashboard for real-time tracking and corrective action

Featured Clients